Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Yarn Bowls and Winding Yarn

il_570xN.320917731.jpg     Hey guys! I recently found a really cute flowerpot...but didn't have any plants to put in it! So rather than let it go to waste and sit in my closet, I found a great use for it: as a yarn bowl!
     Yarn bowls are typically used for holding the yarn (to prevent it from rolling around) and preventing it from tangling (by controlling the "flow" of the yarn, for lack of a better word.) Although many people say they are unnecessary, even frivolous, you can't argue they do a good job of containing your yarn. The options for a yarn bowl are limitless, and it doesn't actually have to be specified as a "yarn bowl." You can use a an actual yarn bowl, with a slit in the side, or a planter, like I did, but here are some pretty creative (and cheap!) alternatives:

The owl design is sooo cute!
A lip keeps the yarn from flying out
  • Large Tupperware containers with a hole punched in the lid
  • Milk Crates are great if you have a few different yarns you are regularly working with in your project: a large size and many holes make this an inexpensive replacement
  • A glass bowl with a binder clip attached: Simply thread your yarn through the top of the clip!

But of course, if you are going to keep a yarn bowl, you must keep your yarn in balls (because yarn growing out of an owl's head is not exactly, well, what you would call attractive.)

Winding Yarn
1)Wind yarn approximately 20 times around index and middle fingers

2) Pull off fingers and wrap yarn around middle of loops, creating a bow shape.

3) Pinch together both sides of bow and continuing wrapping yarn around until it is in a ball.

Hope you liked this, I will post a picture soon of all my wound balls of yarn. And as always, thanks for visiting!

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