Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Hey guys! So yesterday I went to Loops yarn store (link on the sidebar to their website) and had a crochet lesson. It was great, and I found out that you can make a beanie-type hat...without working in the round! IF you are wondering how it is made into a hat, even though it is not in the round(I sure was!), please check out the "Finishing" instructions. I thought it was a really creative pattern, and I wanted to share it. So, here goes:

Mountain Toque
Designed by Sherri Torrez

Yarn- 1 Schachenmayr Bravo Big (see My New Yarn! Volume 1) or other Super Bulky weight yarn
Hook-Size N or P
Notions- XL Yarn Needle
Gauge- 6 sc=4"

ch-chain, st-stitch, single crochet, BLO-back loop only
Instructions for cuffed toque are in parentheses, instructions for non-cuffed are not

Ch 21(27)

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch to end. 20 sc(26 sc)
Row 2: Working in BLO, sc in 1st st and in each st to end. 20 sc(26 sc)
Rows 3-26: Repeat row 2,


Fold finished piece in half, holding top and bottom edges together. Join stitch for stitch by making a slip stitch through BLO of final row and corresponding stitch of beginning row to the end. CH1, cut yarn leaving a 10 inch tail for drawing together the top of the hat. Pull the end of the yarn out of the final loop and using your large needle run the yarn through the edge of the hat creating a drawstring all the way around to where the yarn tail begins. Draw the yarn tight and secure it wiht a couple of whip stitches. Weave in ends. Turn hat right side out (and turn up bottom edge to form cuff.)

Hoped you liked this pattern. Sometime soon, I hope to start posting about a major skill in crocheting...crocheting in the round! In the meantime, please comment if you would like me to post about a specific skill, stitch, or project. Thanks for visiting!

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