Monday, June 30, 2014

Market Bag straps

Hey guys! When I was posting the Market Bag post, I was not completely finished with the straps, and I decided it would be too long of a pattern to combine it with the main bag post. I tried a few different options, and eventually settled on a tunisian crochet crossbody strap. In the process though, I made a few different patterns out of the different straps I tried. But, here's the strap patterns:

Strap Pattern


I have provided 2 patterns: one pattern for tote bag straps and another for a shoulder/crossbody bag. You could also put both on for a more versatile style.

You will work the beginning out of the top of the bag. Make sure the long edge of your strap does not line up with a seam in your top edge, as this will weaken the strap and possibly cause it to break.

Tote Bag Straps

8 hdc in side of bag. Continue until you have your desired length, typically 40 rows of hdc. Sl st end to side of bag approximately 1/4 of the way around.

Second strap- Start strap exactly opposite where you started your first strap. Follow instructions to end.

Shoulder bag strap

Regular weight-holding bag- 14 hdc in side of bag, continue in blo to create desired length.

Heavy-weight bag:

Regular crochet-16 hdc in side of bag, continue (NOT in back loop) to create desired length.

Tunisian crochet- I highly recommend this if you know how to do it. It creates a thick strap that works extremely well if you are actually going to take it to the farmer's market and load heavy fruits and vegetables into it. 15 Tss (basic Tunisian crochet) in top of bag, continue basic forward and returning pass to create desired length.

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