Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Diagonal Dishcloths!

Hey guys! I recently finished some nice dishcloths, and they turned out great! I did get this from someone else (I'll put the link below) and I did modify the pattern a bit to make it not as big. Here goes:

ch-chain, sc-single crochet, inc-increase, dec-decrease (see the Button Up Coffee Cozy for more details on increasing and decreasing)

  1. ch 3, turn.
  2. Rows 2-30: inc on first st, sc through row, inc on last stitch.
  3. Rows 31-60: dec on first two sts, sc through row, dec on last 2 sts.
  4. ch 10, cut yarn, make loop with ch.
I know this a short post, but I will probably post again today, so for now, bye! And as always, thanks for visiting!


On Pinterest-analisehogan
On Ravelry- analisehogan
Ananda's Diagonal Dishcloths

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