Sunday, June 08, 2014

Intro/Knotted Headband

     Hey guys! I wanted to start a crocheting blog for the summer as I will be going on lots of trips and having lots of free time in cars, planes, etc. and really wanted to take crocheting up as a hobby instead of just a few projects here and there.I have just begun crocheting, so my projects will be simple at first and more complicated as we go along. If you are also just beginning to crochet, great! Crocheting is a great craft to get into. Also, if you are just starting, I encourage you to get an account on It is an online community of knitters and crocheters, and has awesome, (mostly) free patterns that range from first time projects to patterns for people with years of experience. And again, if you are beginning crocheting, that's awesome! The skills for crocheting will last you a lifetime.

     To start off, I found this awesome pattern on Ravelry. It is a knotted head band project, found on All About Ami (link to her blog below). What I love is that it is worked horizontally, so your beginning chains are the circumference of the headband, so you can make it as thick or as thin as you want.

Knotted Headband
Ch-chain, dc- double crochet, st cl-stitch closed

  1. Ch 70
  2. Insert hook in 4th ch from hook, dc
  3. dc to end of row
  4. ch 3, turn, dc to end of row (continue till desired width is achieved)
  5. st cl with yarn needle to create circle
  6. Pinch headband (pinched section should be aprox. 2 inches across, sew pleats in with yarn needle

  1. Ch 10
  2. Insert hook in 4th ch from hook, dc to end of row
  3. ch 3, turn, dc to end of row
  4. Continue until you have 4 or 5 rows of dc
  5. sl cl around pleated section of headband with yarn needle
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To find this pattern on All About Ami, click Patterns at the top and scroll down until you find the Knotted Headband-All About Ami

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