Friday, June 20, 2014

World of Crochet: Dtour Crochet Challenge

Hey guys! I know I usually feature my own work, yarns, etc. but I wanted to create a new type of post for this blog called World of Crochet. In these posts, we will look at the world of crocheting. These posts may include anything from awesome bloggers to a new product or a nationwide crochet event. Today, I am going to tell you about the Farm Dtour Crochet Challenge put on by Isabelle Garbani. She does knitting and crochet...but not with yarn! She works with mixed media to create unique pieces of art. This summer, as part of the Dtour trails display, she has asked crocheters from all over the world to make small leaves from plastic grocery sacks for the outdoor display. Also, everyone who participates gets a 5x7 print of the finished display!

This is a great contest, and the plastic "yarn" is super easy to make. I've already made about 10 leaves, even though I started only a few days ago and have been working on other proejcts in between the leaves.

You can learn about the installation, prizes, and how to make the thread and leaves here. I really hope you guys participate...even if you don't win, I find it a great challenge to crochet with a material other than typical yarn!


Hope you guys liked this type of post, if I don't get any negative feedback I will probably do another one soon! And as always, thanks for visiting!



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