Monday, August 18, 2014

Crafty Organization

Hey guys! So I discovered a 4 drawer unit that held lots of crafts junk from when I was younger. I was super excited, because as of 5 days ago, I was storing all of my yarn in a hanging shoe organizer. Even though I find projects and then find yarn to make the project with, I still like to have my leftover yarn and skeins my grandmother, who is an avid knitter, often gives me when I visit her house, organized. I cleaned out old glitter glues, paints and tiny balls of yarn that were in every way useless. Along the way, I learned a few things. Here they are:

  • Labels, Labels, Labels! For me, they remind me that this a drawer and not a trashcan for me to put all my junk in. Fill small drawers with small items, and label them that way. You can also use them for specific projects.

Labeling what types of things are in the container is also important. There is no use digging around 5 drawers to find 1 paticular skein.

In this photo, you can sort of tell how I made the labels. I printed off what I wanted it to say in a small font and size (I used Candara in size 14, in Microsoft Word.) I then took a strip of packing tape, cut it in half lengthwise, and stuck the side of the paper with words onto the sticky side. If you want, you could also put the labels onto the actual drawers. I put mine on the small shelf beneath the drawer.

And of course, organization CAN be practical and pretty. I found a canvas storage bin with a vintage butterfly picture, and placed the few skeins that did not fit in the drawers into the bin. Who says functional can't be beautiful?


I put a few books in the left side to offset the shorther skeins (the red and brown skeins) from the longer blue and green skeins to make it look like they were all the same length. These, apart from the brown skein which I used for the Button-Up Coffee Cozy, are all old skeins that my grandmother gave to me. For now, they are just hangin' out on the top of my drawer unit. In the picture, you can also see the piece of canvas fabric I put under the basket to cover the scuffed-up top. Hopefully I can break out my sewing machine soon and hem it! But I'm kinda liking the fray look....


Hopefully you guys liked this, as I hope to do another. I am asking for an electric yarn ball winder for my birthday in about a month. Even though the outside may be organized and labeled, the inside of those drawers are looking not-so-hot. Until next time, thanks for reading



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Monday, August 11, 2014

Golf Headcovers

Hey guys! So almost everybody in my family is an avid golfer, especially my 2 brothers and dad. My older brother is already in college, and my other brother is just entering his senior year and his last year of high school golf. He asked me to do this a few months and I found a pattern that I like. I am creating them in his school colors. This pattern also includes directions for a golf towel. You can find it here. Here is the top of the headcover:

The best way to describe it right now is like a mini beret! And the V-stitch on the sides creates a really cool chevron design. You create the top in simple in-the-round double crochet, create the sides. I am just about to start the central solid band, then it tapers down into ribbing. I am really excited to give these to my brother on his birthday, which is in the middle of September. You can create these in almost color combo!



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