Thursday, June 26, 2014

World of Crochet: Tunisian Crochet

Hey guys! Recently I discovered the most amazing technique in crochet. I shouldn't even call it crochet, as it is about 50% crochet and 50% knitting. This is absolutely perfect for my about even knowledge of knitting and crochet. I just really enjoy crochet and feel much more comfortable with a crochet hook than knitting needles. But enough about me, and more about Tunisian crochet. Tunisian stitches are worked, again, half-and-half between crochet and knitting. You have a forward pass (where you work slip stitches into the top row of fabric and retain loops on your hook) and a return pass (where you work off stitches by yarning over and drawing through 2 loops at a time.) For your materials, you use a long hook (typically 9-15 inches long) with a ball on the end to prevent loops from slipping off. It requires no specialty yarn, though experienced crocheters recommend using 1-2 metric hook sizes larger than you would typically use. I am really sorry I can't share a pattern with you guys, as I got all my patterns from a book. However, you can check it out from your local library or buy it from Barnes & Noble here. It is amazing, with an inroduction to Tunisian crochet and its origins, along with beginner techniques and patterns.

The New Tunisian Crochet by Dora Ohrenstein

I really hope you guys check this book or another Tunisian crochet book out. I really feel this is a great craft for people that have just one or two problems that keep them from knitting or crocheting, as you will probably not have to deal with that problem in Tunisian crochet. Again, I never felt quite comfortable with knitting needles, and obviously that is taken care of in Tunisian crochet. I really hope you guys try this craft.

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