Thursday, June 12, 2014

Working in the round+Beanies!

Hey Guys! Today I'm going to show you how to do an important skill in crocheting...crocheting in the round! I used bullky yarn for my first in-the-round project, and it really helped me to see all the stitches, so now I'm recommending it to you! I used my Bravo BIg (My New Yarn! Volume 1) and a size N 9 millimeter hoook. I am also really, really sorry that I don't have pictures as we go along, but to make up for that, I will provide the clearest instructions that I can.



1) Ch. 10. Sl st ends together to frm circle.

2) Ch. 3. Dc 11 into center of formed circle. Make sure your stitches are not overlapping and creating a new row!

3) Sl st the top of your ch. 3 and your last dc together.

4) Ch. 3. This counts as 1 dc.

5) In the next st, crochet 2 dc. In the next, 1 dc. In the next, 2 dc. Continue alternating all the way around.

6) Ch.3. Instead of putting 2 dc in every other st, we will now do 1 dc in st, 1 dc in st, 2 dc in st, 1 dc in st and so on

7)Ch3. Now we will do 3 1 dc in each stitch when we do2 dc in each st.

8)DO you see where I'm going with this? In every round, you increase the "1 dc in st" in the 1 dc in st to 2 dc in st ratio by 1,if that make sense.

I hope you understand my instructions, and let's get to making a beanie!

Bulky Yarn Beanie

Yarn- Schachenmayr Bravo Big- Preferably in a neon color

Hook- Size N

Notions- Large Yarn Needle

1) Repeat instructions 1-6 above.

2) Now, instead of doing 2 dc in some sts, we will only do 1 dc in all sts.

3) Do 4-6 rounds, and finish off.

4) Sew ends in with your yarn needle.


Roll the cuff up...


...or not!


Hope you liked this post, even if it wasn't the clearest. And as always, thanks for visiting!



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