Monday, June 09, 2014

My new yarn! Volume 1

Hey guys! After I posted yesterday, my grandmother offered to take me to the craft store to get yarn to make things for my dad for Father's Day and for my mom for her birthday in a month. I got some great yarn, and I have already started on my dad's project. I hope to introduce you to more yarns and help you avoid not-so-great ones. Here they are:

1) Lily Sugar'n Cream Scents (it doesn't really smell like anything)
I got mine in Aloe Vera
It has approximately 95 yards.
2 oz. per skein
100% cotton

2) Schachenmayr Originals: Bravo Big
I got mine in Color 154, Royal
It has approximately 131 yards.
7 oz. per skein
100% Acrylic

3) Loops & Threads: Impeccable Ombre
I got mine in Earth
It has approximately 192 yards.
3.5 oz. per skein
100% acrylic

I hoped you liked this, and I hope to be acquiring some new yarn soon. I may have another project post out today, but if I don't it will certainly come tomorrow. After I have done some projects with these yarns, I will inform you on how well they work for me. I'm sorry I couldn't find a picture of a skein of the Bravo Big, but I hope it doesn't hinder you too much. Until next time, thanks for visiting!


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