Friday, July 11, 2014

Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf: Part 1

Hey guys! So, if you read my upcoming projects post, you would have seen the Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf as one of my to-do projects. Well, I've finally started! And I have to tell you, it's turning out great! Also in my last post, I had put a gray yarn into the spotlight. It is soooooo soft, and it stretches really well. Surprisingly, it was actually one of the cheaper yarns. I bought it at Michaels, and it was 1 out of about 5 gray yarns they had. 2 were more expensive, one was not the fiber I wanted (it was cotton), so it left me with 2 yarns. They were the same price, so of course I chose the softer one with more yardage. Here it is again if you haven't seen it:
I love the gentle sheen of the yarn, and it's proof it's soft too!

So back to the scarf. It is turning out great. There was a tip in one of the comments that said to prevent twists when creating the initial circle of chains with a slip stitch, chain the desired amount, do NOT join the ends, and do 1 row in the pattern before joining the ends. This is a really good tip. 

Sorry that I can't post the pattern here, but I put the link above. But the pattern itself is extremely clear. It even has step-by-step instructions for making the optional, separate tie that I plan to make out of small amounts of brightly colored yarn to stand out against my neutral gray yarn. It has lots of ways to wear it, at least for a scarf (5 ways, to be exact), and all with pictures! By the way, it calls for a K hook for the scarf and an I hook for the scarf, but it depends on your yarn, but try to make the hook size for the scarf 1 mm bigger than for the tie.

Please try this pattern, you won't regret it! It looks good with all solids, patterns, and textured yarns.

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